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Lil Wayne – Who Is He?

26 Feb

Lil WayneDwayne Michael Carter, Jr. known as Lil Wayne is nowadays one of the most world-famous rappers. His career started at the age of nine when he joined Cash Money Records and later became a member of Hot Boys.

Many people share that even before having heard anything he sung, as they come across his video, they become attracted by his appearnce. Once you see him there is no way you forget that looks.

People like him mainly for his honesty. He is not perfect and he dares to say it. A famous Lil Wayne quote is “I am a horrible rapper”. Usually when people become famous they mount the high horse but he strives to sing things as he feels them.

His first biggest success came with the album called Guerrilla Warfare in 1999. Since then people loved him. He had some not that successful years but in 2008 he issued Tha Carter III which was sold in more than a million copies just for a week. However, again he didn’t think of himself as the best one, but stresses on the fact that he is an ordinary human like everybody else.

In 2010 he released his first rock album Rebirth, which later went gold. He becomes even closer to a big part of the society for his hatred towards policemen. All those who had ever had problems with police believe in his words that people should believe in God better than incops. Such words ensure his success among teenagers, criminals and young girls who love aggressive behavior.

We live in a world where money is the most important thing so having this in mind Lil Wayne gains everybody on his side saying he has to die with money as he wasn’t born with it. At the same time with his texts he urges people to be free and willing to do and try everything.